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There is only two options you can’t edit


It's setted to the ID of the field so you can use it on multiple fields in the same time.


It's used with the ID to synchronize automatically multipls fields

Default Settings

Those are the settings used by default:

    "basePath": settings.STATIC_URL + 'epiced',
    "clientSideStorage": False,
    "localStorageName": 'epiceditor',
    "useNativeFullscreen": True,
    "parser": 'marked',
    "file": {
        "name": 'epiceditor',
        "defaultContent": '',
        "autoSave": 100
    "theme": {
        "base": '/themes/base/epiceditor.css',
        "preview": '/themes/preview/preview-dark.css',
        "editor": '/themes/editor/epic-dark.css'
    "button": {
        "preview": True,
        "fullscreen": True
    "focusOnLoad": True,
    "shortcut": {
        "modifier": 18,
        "fullscreen": 70,
        "preview": 80
    "string": {
        "togglePreview": 'Toggle Preview Mode',
        "toggleEdit": 'Toggle Edit Mode',
        "toggleFullscreen": 'Enter Fullscreen'

Overwriting the Settings

You can partially overwrite the config by adding EPICEDITOR_CONFIGS your

    "basePath": settings.STATIC_URL + 'personal',
    "button": {
        "preview": True,
        "fullscreen": True

You can also do it by using adding a “configs” parameter to your widget or EpicEditorField:

text = EpicEditorField(configs={"focusOnLoad": False})

content = forms.CharField(widget=EpicEditorWidget(configs={"focusOnLoad": False}))